THC Atomizer

Introducing the vertical ceramic coil THC and CBD atomizer by eStick.

Advanced Engineering

The THC Atomizer by eStick as been engineered for today’s THC eLiquids. Advanced design featuring a ceramic vertical coil, adjustable air-flow and large intake channels all with a pyrex glass tank.

Starter Kits & Sizes

The THC Atomizer starter kit is perfect for first time buyers and includes a THC Atomizer, Battery and USB Charger. The eStick THC atomizer is available in two reservoir sizes, 0.5 mls and 1.0 mls.

THC Atomizer Benefits

Designed by eStick for both THC and CBD oil, the THC atomizer allows for a smooth and consistent vaping experience again and again. Learn about the THC Atomizer features below.

Air Flow Control

Smooth rotating ring allows you to control the air flow. Personalize your THC atomizer to your vaping preference.

Easy Refill

Refilling your atomizer is easy. Just unscrew the atomizer, add your favorite Amsterdam THC eLiquid or most other THC e-liquids formulated for vaporizers, and screw on the atomizer.

Vertical Ceramic Coil

The vertical ceramic coil is the key to vaping THC eLiquid. The chamber is heated perfectly allowing an exceptional hit again and again.

Large Oil Intake Holes

Large oil intake holes allow easy flow and effectively and efficiently vaporize both THC and CBD oils.


Gram for gram, vaporizing THC eLiquid is the most convenient way to enjoy the benefits of THC.


Vaping THC eLiquid with this atomizer is super simple. Push the button on the battery to inhale, that’s it. No papers, no chopping, no rolling. This is how it should be.

THC Atomizer Battery

Designed by eStick the THC atomizer battery is slim and sexy, and holds a charge. A 380 MAH battery with a 510 thread and a preheat function. This beautiful battery is charged with a micro USB charger.

The Best THC Atty

I’ve tried many attys over the past few years for THC eLiquid. I’ve wasted so much time and money but my search was complete when i discovered the THC Atomizer by eStick. Its perfect, thank you! - Mike Carger, Calgary

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